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Egg Tempera Movement is devoted to presenting imaginative storytelling fine art of Elena Vladimir Baranoff and Anastasia Elena Baranoff. 

Inspired by the realm of marvelous fairy tales and captivating legendary stories, the visionary artworks, painted in genuine egg tempera, capture the creative power of the artists, carrying to a world of inspirational fantasy.    

Founded in 2013 in London, Egg Tempera Movement revives thematic art, conveying ideas through unique visual experience, bringing back neglected beauty and harmony to fine art, in opposition to unaesthetic art flourishing in the world today. 

Furthermore, the art movement aims to promote rare genuine egg tempera by means of new creative works of fine art, inspiring interest among the public in this extraordinary medium.

Widely practiced by fine art painters up to the Early Renaissance, genuine egg tempera, so unique for its hand preparation of paints, made from natural stones such a lapis lazuli and malachite, durability and luminosity of colors, which do not alter their brilliance over centuries of time, is one of the oldest painting mediums known to mankind, found in the art of cave paintings, the art of the Egyptians, and illuminated manuscripts of the Byzantine world.

Largely forgotten since the introduction of oil paint, genuine egg tempera has survived to our modern days of high technological innovation, mostly through the art of Russian and Greek icon writers.

A slow revival of this medium has taken shape in the years of late. However, a vast percentage of the population has insufficient knowledge of what genuine egg tempera truly is, including artists, art gallery experts, auction professionals, who lack masterly understanding of this medium.

Protecting treasured knowledge of genuine egg tempera passed down through the generations, multiplying artistic skills by way of experimentation and experience, and developing the rare medium with each and every new artwork, the artists of Egg Tempera Movement are dedicated to infusing new life into the lasting fine art tradition. 


Elena Vladimir Baranoff

Internationally acclaimed, award-winning fine artist Elena Vladimir Baranoff has dedicated over thirty years to fine art, creating original imaginative painting compositions, portraits, miniatures, icons, designs, all in the ancient medium of genuine egg tempera.

Having earned a Masters of Fine Art in Miniature Painting, Elena was taught creative fine art composition in the extraordinary genuine egg tempera medium at legendary Palekh Art College, Russia, renowned for its 20th century fine art movement, where centuries old traditions were inherited from generations of icon writers by generations of fine artists.

Over the years, Elena has developed her own highly innovative genuine egg tempera technique, new approach and style of painting, perfecting and championing this mesmerizing medium in imaginative fine art compositions and portraiture.

Elena has exhibited her paintings at such museums as the National Portrait Gallery in London, Dean Gallery of the National Galleries of Scotland in Edinburgh, Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art in Florida, Gulf Coast Museum in Florida, Springfield Art Museum in Missouri, in addition to leading commercial art galleries. 

Her rare works of art are housed in prominent private fine art collections in the USA and around the world, including the British Royal Collection of His Royal Highness Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales. 

The artist's professional profile is featured in Who’s Who In Art-Biographies of Leading Men and Women in the World of Art in Britain Today. 


Anastasia Elena Baranoff

Anastasia Elena Baranoff is fifth generation of genuine egg tempera painters in a dynasty of distinguished Palekh fine artists and icon writers.

Taught the art of genuine egg tempera painting exclusively by her mother Elena Vladimir Baranoff, Anastasia is an honorary graduate of School of the Arts and Academy of Art University, San Francisco and studied at Parsons School of Design, New York and Central Saint Martins, London.

As a fine artist and guardian of lasting family traditions, Anastasia is committed to painting her imaginative artworks in genuine egg tempera and promoting the rare medium in the new millennium.

Anastasia’s numerous awards and honors include the Congressional Arts Competition Special Recognition from the Congress of the United States of America, “Best Work By A Young Artist Award” in the 38th & 37th International Fine Art Exhibition of The Miniature Art Society of Florida, for paintings created in the rare technique of miniature.

Her fine artworks are housed in private collections and have been exhibited at the Haggin Museum in California, Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art in Florida, Bennington Center for the Arts in Vermont, Mall Galleries in London, Dunedin Fine Arts Center in Florida, among others.

"Awakening" Self-Portrait, Copyright © 2017 By Elena Vladimir Baranoff, Genuine Egg Tempera On Board

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On The Subject Of My Self-Portrait And Creativity


Elena Vladimir Baranoff

The self-portrait «Awakening» is a work of contemporary portraiture, created in the ancient medium of genuine egg tempera, so rarely practiced by fine artists in our modern day and age. 

Completed in 2017, the painting is the first self-portrait in my professional and artistic life of an artist, and an inseparable part of a portrait collection of contemporaries, which I have been creating for a number of years.

Being a painter, whose artistic life revolves around the creation of artworks on the themes of fairy tales, legends, myths, in «Awakening» I depicted myself in the inspired process of composing an auteur painting inspired by Charles Perrault’s “Sleeping Beauty”.

You see me in the very pose I take each and every day, my upper body arched over the artworks I create, forearms supported by a rest, hand holding a tiny custom squirrel hair brush, in the company of my constant companion, a wooden case containing freshly prepared paints.

In my painted composition, the enchanting maiden reposes in magic slumber, locked in a high tower, soaring above a bewitched city, waiting to be awakened.

Thus, the title “Awakening” was given to the self-portrait, whose leitmotif is the rebirth of neglected beauty in the world of fine art, in resistance to the unaesthetic, crestfallen paintings in abundance today. “Awakening” stands for the triumph of artistry and the exquisite in visual art.

My signature painting technique in genuine egg tempera has reached such a level that allows me to create freely, first and foremost concentrating on and thinking of the intellectual framework of the painting, and how, through art, I can convey the meaning and internal feeling of the artwork.      

With years, I have developed my personal approach to the creation of my artistic works, and the main elements of my paintings are the spiritual components, sparking emotional dialogue with viewers.

The beginning point of every work of art, its heart, is the idea.

When an idea is born, a true artist visualizes the future artwork in the imagination and sees, knows its look.

From there, the creator just needs to express the idea and its vision to life, materialize it, show it to the world. The richer the imagination of the artist, stronger the talent, masterly the skills, the more captivating and moving the artwork is.

One of the distinctive qualities of my artworks is their musicality. They possess a sense of rhythm, dynamic, balance and lyricism, communicated through an auteur vision.

All in whole, they are manifested in my paintings through the finest details, reaching harmony in the composition itself, its color formula and emotional vibrancy.

Harmony is impossible to explain in words. Words don’t have the power to express what harmony is, but when a person sees it, meets with it, in any form, one knows, feels, and senses its presence. Harmony cannot be confused with anything else and in my artworks, the search and discovery of harmony, is foremost.

The other individual quality of my paintings is the color palette.

Color plays a most important role in my art, through the color palette of an artwork I convey so much, emotions, mood.  

Just as in music, when we hear a certain combination of notes, rhythm, tempo and tonality, we can become wistful, and even cry, and from another experience euphoria and bliss.        

Just so, in art, through color and its endless variety of combinations, a painter can express a wide-ranging gamut of feelings.

I aim for my paintings to have soul, depth. To capture my emotions and have the artwork and its intensity resonate with viewers, stirring up reaction, conversation.

With my self-portrait, I also wished to erase the stereotypical image of today’s artist: a messy, spattered shirt and tattered trouser wearing odd character.  

Looking at my painting, some may say that it’s not naturalistic for an artist to work in such clothes.

My answer to that is, the entire ensemble consists of sincere elements: a shawl gifted to me by my mother, laced around the head to fasten my hair, a kaftan designed and sewn by me from intertwined cotton rogozhka fabric, comfortable and relaxed, it brightens up the day with its marvelous printed motif.

I believe a painter is an ambassador of culture, committed to treat oneself as an artistic individual and to look like one, gifting people aesthetic visual pleasure.

Being an artist, I adore beautiful fabric designs by talented textile artists and in support of their creations, shall in every way possible display such craftsmanship in my clothes.  

Creating artworks inspired by fairy tales and enchanting stories, ornamented original attire helps me to immerse myself in the irresistible worlds I compose.

Such is my personal point of view of a modern day creator.

«Awakening» was presented to the public and premiered in the annual exhibition of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, from May 9 – 24, 2019 at Mall Galleries, The Mall in London. 

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"World renowned Royal Society of Portrait Painters, under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, in its annual exhibition, shall present "Awakening", a self-portrait by Elena Vladimir Baranoff."



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BP Portrait Award 2016

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"...Elena Vladimir Baranoff’s astonishingly detailed egg tempera on gesso board portrait of the Bishop of London in full regalia at 350mm x 250mm."



BP  Portrait  Award: Top Ten

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"A founder of the Egg Tempera Movenment, Baranoff has seemingly perfected the Renaissance technique of egg tempera..."



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"The painting, by Elena Vladimir Baranoff, uses egg tempera, a traditional medium currently being revived by the Egg Tempera Movement, which the bishop supports and of which Baranoff is a founder."



BP  Portrait  Award 2016

The Rt Revd & Rt Hon Richard Chartres KCVO Lord Bishop of London

"Awakening" Self-Portrait, Copyright © 2017 By Elena Vladimir Baranoff, Genuine Egg Tempera On Board


"Awakening" Brings Back Neglected Beauty And Harmony To Fine Art Today!

Self-portraiture presents a unique occasion for a painter to immerse oneself in a moving and searching exploration of personal identity.

“Awakening” by internationally acclaimed, award-winning fine artist Elena Vladimir Baranoff, is having its world premiere in London in the celebrated exhibition of the Royal Society Of Portrait Painters, under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

A fine art storyteller, the artist presents her novel style of inspired expression in each and every work of art, from imaginative fine art compositions to portraits, painted in a signature technique of genuine egg tempera.

"Awakening", completed in 2017, is the first self-portrait by the artist, whose artworks have been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London, Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., in addition to other respected museums and galleries.

The portrait was painted during the creation of the artist’s original fine art composition, inspired by Charles Perrault’s fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty”.

The premiere exhibition of “Awakening” marks a significant event for the artist and Egg Tempera Movement.

Founded in 2013 by egg tempera masters Elena Vladimir Baranoff and Anastasia Elena Baranoff, Egg Tempera Movement presents new and original works of fine art created in genuine egg tempera, inspiring interest in this rare and extraordinary centuries old fine art medium. 

The art movement revives thematic art, conveying ideas through unique visual experience, bringing back neglected beauty and harmony to fine art, in opposition to unaesthetic art flourishing in the world today.

“Awakening”, painted in hand-made, genuine egg tempera on board, engages the audience in a rare dialogue with the artist.

A feature of the London cultural calendar, the annual exhibition of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters ran from May 9 through 24, 2019 at Mall Galleries, The Mall, located a few steps from National Portrait Gallery and Buckingham Palace.

Founded in 1891, the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, a legendary fine art society whose early members included British artists John Everett Millais (Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood), Augustus John (Post-Impressionism Movement), and American artist James McNeill Whistler, aims to "encourage the appreciation, study and practice of the art of portraiture".



Genuine Egg Tempera On Board
8" x 10" inches


Copyright © Elena Vladimir Baranoff

Royal Society Of Portrait Painters
Annual Exhibition
9 - 24 May, 2019
Mall Galleries, The Mall
London, United Kingdom



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